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LiqMix Cascade - When you need to produce a gas standard from a liquid with high precision, accurate and with full traceability LiqMix is the right choice

Aly Tech

Sensortechnik Meinsberg
Controller MV500

Sensortechnik Meinsberg

Chlorine in drinking water. Controller MV500 with chlorine sensor mounted in flow-through probe holder. Controller, piping and sensor are supplied mounted on a panel for easy installation

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Feature Products

GasMix Zephyr – 2 channel gas standards diluter – A wide range of massflow controllers allow for wide dilution ratios of up to 1 to 1000 or higher. The gihj linearity of the massflow controllers assure a high precision of dilutions.

LM3000 bench multi parameter meter and controller – For pH, ORP, ISE, 2-pole conductivity, 4-pole conductivity, disso;ved oxygen. and temperature.

Portable meters – Three portanle meter kits for pH, Conductivity and Dissolved Oxygen. Kits are complete with carry case, sensor and calibration solutions.

Titration electrodes – new glass electrodes for pH and redox with NS14.5 ground joint and sleeve junction.

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Analytical instrument and equipment process water recycling

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We are importers and suppliers of analytical instruments and equipment with more than 30 years of experience in analytical laboratory work as well as in supply and service of analyzers.



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